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Learning a new language is a powerful skill that opens up the world to you. French has been consider a sexy language for a long time. Why don't you take up the challenge of learning french. Learn french online together.

How do you get started learning French? Simple, first start with a free account on our site and then create your login. Once you are logged in, you can begin taking courses from our instructors who are well versed in teaching french online.

Many students from around the world can learn french together because we use really cool tools to bring the content we create to you. First of all we use learning management systems to deliver the french lessons to your device regardless of your location in the world. Simply log in and get going. It is that simple.

The other thing with online learning systems called lms systems, is that we are able to deliver engaging and immersive content right to you. Imagine being able to repeat phrases and being able to repeat the exercises as you wait to catch the bus or subway or metro. I can tell you the first time I used it I was blown away by the engaging the fun nature of the system.

Now let's get some french phrases out of the way. Here are some very popular sentences and phrases:

D’abord, d’abord, y a l’aîné

First of all, first of all, there's the oldest

Lui qui est comme un melon

He who is like a melon (lazy and stupid)

​Lui qui a un gros nez

He who has a big nose

Lui qui sait plus son nom monsieur

He who no longer knows his (own) name, mister

Tellement qu´il boit

as he drinks so much

Tellement qu´il a bu

as he has drunk so much

Qui fait rien de ses dix doigts

Who does nothing with his ten digits (fingers and thumbs) 

Cool huh? Let's get started then my friend,